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A Beginner’s Guide To Lomi Lomi Massage

A Beginner’s Guide To Lomi Lomi Massage

The deeply relaxing, flowing form of massage known as Lomi Lomi began in ancient Hawaii, but it’s popularity now reaches all over the world.

Lomi Lomi creates an environment of tranquility with smooth, seamless strokes that flow from one part of the body to the next without stopping. This repetitive, moderate pressure puts the mind at ease and allows the tension in the muscles to unravel.

7 Ways Massage Increases Workplace Productivity

7 Ways Massage Increases Workplace Productivity

If you’re looking for a morale boost or a way to improve your focus at work, massage is a proven tool to do just that.

On-site chair massage for employees, or encouraging a regular visit to the studio for a table massage, is a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to get your employees excited about coming to work.

Pro tip: If you want to encourage your boss to bring in on-site massage to your office, after reading this article forward it to your boss as a gentle hint.

Shamanic Grooves

Fri. Aug. 31st, 8:30pm ~ Under the Blue Moon Melodic beats and haunting vocals drifted out of the studio to waft over a woman costumed as a unicorn flying over a rainbow, serving raw food treats and Ling elixirs at the bar.  Party-goers floated between event...

Celebrate Mom on Mother's Day

Treat your Mother (and Yourself) with a Day of Healthful Indulgence Drinks, Appetizer, Lunch, Dessert, and Massage for Mom Spend quality time with Mom this year starting with tea time.  Share a pot of Atlas tea, choosing from our gourmet tea selection: Blood Orange...

Experience Shiatsu Massage in Boulder

Your shiatsu massage at Bodywork Bistro begins when you walk in the door to our warm and cozy massage studio in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  Your shiatsu massage therapist greets you and offers you a cup of tea or glass of water, and brings you to the room where you...
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