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On-Site Massage

Massage At Your Place Of Business | At Your School

Let us bring massage to your location.  Whether for a special corporate event, staff appreciation, or an on-going wellness program, our therapists bring their skillful touch and expertise directly to you.  Depending on the size of your available space, we can bring any number of massage chairs or tables, providing all the necessary equipment.

Our Rates and Requirements for chair massage:

We charge $60/hour per therapist with a two hour minimum.

These rates are for the City of Boulder only. Depending on your location
and the number of therapists needed, a nominal travel charge may apply.
Each chair will require a space around it of approximately 4′ x 6′.

Keep in mind that we bill for all the time our therapists are on-site,
so please have your people ready to go.

A buffer of 3-5 minutes is required between each client for set up.

Therapists can give three 15-minute sessions per hour. Buffer time included.

Therapists can work up to three hours before needing a break.

Therefore, if your event is for more than 9 people we recommend adding additional therapists. 

For example:  If you have 30 people who want to receive a massage, we would recommend 4 therapists coming to your place of work,  since each therapist can work on 3 people per hour. Each therapist would be present for 2.5 hours.  (Our billing time can be broken down to the nearest 1/4 hour.) The total charge would be for 10 hours of our therapist’s time or $600.  



We also offer Table Massage at your business, school, organization or special event.

Your employees remain fully clothed but remove their shoes, jewelry and pocket items. The advantage to table massage is that therapists can access hips legs and feet and add passive range of motion stretches for the neck, arms, legs and feet.

Rates are $85/hour per therapist with a two hour minimum.
Depending on the size and scope of your event we may require up to a weeks notice for Corporate/Event Table massage.

 (Tipping is not required, but greatly appreciated).  You may include a tip to be added at the time of billing if desired and can be broken down by individual therapist. Or, let us know if it’s okay to have a tip jar present and your people may tip our therapists directly.

We are flexible and happy to work with other ideas you might have to offer the stress-reducing, morale-boosting benefits of massage in your workplace!

On Site Massage | Bodywork Bistro

Why Consider On-Site Massage?


From 2002-2008, for every dollar spent on Johnson & Johnson’s Employee Wellness Programs, the company saved $2.71 in healthcare costs. 

Corporate wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. By starting a Corporate Wellness program, corporations are able to improve overall productivity and save money on health care expenses.  And research now suggests employers get an average of $3.48 back in reduced health care costs and $5.82 in lower absenteeism cost for every dollar spent on employee wellness. (from



For Your Company:

  • Reduces Disability Costs
  • Lowers Medical Compensation claims
  • Reduces Absenteeism & Turnover
  • Reduction in On-the-Job Injuries
  • Increases productivity, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Increases employee morale and loyalty


For Your Employees:

  • Decreases overuse injuries
  • Improves retention rates
  • Lowers blood pressure and increases circulation
  • Lowers anxiety levels
  • Increases physical energy and mental clarity

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