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Three Treasures

What are the Three Treasures?

~ JING, QI, and SHEN ~
~ Earth, Life, and Heaven ~
~ Body, Mind, and Spirit ~

In Chinese Medicine philosophy, the Three Treasures are Jing, Qi, and Shen.  It may be easiest, in the beginning to think of the Three Treasures as body, mind, and spirit, respectively.  The Chinese worldview associates the body with Earth and the spirit with Heaven.  This root concept holds that between Heaven and Earth – in the field of interaction between the expansive forces of the universe and the condensed forces of our planet – there is profound merging, which create life.  Between Heaven and Earth is the domain where living beings arise – plants, animals, and humans – the Third Treasure.
The Three Treasures are the fundamental energies of life within a human being.  They are more important to our health and happiness than anything else.

Jing is the Treasure that corresponds to your body and the Earth, the physical aspect of the self.  It is your primal power.  It determines your fundamental life force and how long you live.  If you replenish Jing on a daily basis, you will be recharging your inner battery before you run dry.  You will slow down the aging process and will always have the energy reserves to handle everything that life can throw at you.

Qi is the Treasure that corresponds to Life and your mind.  It encompasses your day-to-day vitality and your protective energy – it determines how you adapt to the world around you and how well you function.  With an abundance of Qi, your adaptability will be optimized, and since adaptability is the measure of your life, your life will be abundant.

Shen is the Treasure that captures the ethereal aspect of Heaven and your spirit – you know it as your state of psychological well-being and your spiritual experience.  It is the spark of divinity that resides within your heart.  With Shen fully open, you will experience the full joy of life.
By fully nurturing and protecting your Three Treasures, you virtually assure yourself of health, happiness, and a long life.
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From The Healing Promise of Qi, Roger Jahnke
and Ron Teeguarden’s “30 Tips, The Path to Radiant Health is the Path of Wisdom”

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