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Three Treasures Cafe

three-treasuresIt is our belief that health comes from the inside out, and so, it is important to nourish your body, mind, and spirit not only with the practices of yoga, meditation, qigong, and bodywork, but also with nourishing food and beverages.  This is why we are committed to educating our clients about healthy eating choices and offering them the best foods with which to do so!

Tucked in the third floor suite of our Living Arts Center in North Boulder, the Three Treasures Cafe offers sprawling views of the Flatirons vista.  Our extensive selection of local, organic food, raw, super food snacks and tonic beverages is paired with a healthy dose of information about the benefits of these products!  It is a place where our students and clients can hang out, get to know one another, and continue to nourish their bodies before or after a yoga class or massage.

We offer free Wi-Fi, so bring your computer and come to the most peaceful place in town to get your work done!  And take a break from work to take a yoga class, get a massage, or simply sit in silence.

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