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Boulder Yoga & Qigong Classes

Yoga & Qigong Classes

All classes are held at the Living Arts Center.


Renew. Strengthen. Balance. Evolve.

Experience yoga as a healing art. Whether you are an athlete looking to strengthen, a student seeking balance, an inquisitive soul craving to evolve, or a busy mother looking for an hour to renew, you are sure to find a class that is designed to meet your needs.

Our approach at the Bodywork Bistro is to bridge the world of massage and bodywork into our movement classes so that you receive an integrated experience. Our Living Arts location is an in town retreat center nestled in north east Boulder, with sprawling views of the front range, and home to talented and knowledgeable teachers. Living a life of vitality and wellness requires that we create space to practice and receive. Find out how the Bodywork Bistro can help you incorporate the tools for self care into your lifestyle.

  • Renew: Your body has a natural capacity to heal itself from stress, disease, injury & addiction. Reconnect with your own regenerative intelligence and surrender into a life of well-being!
  • Strengthen: Challenge yourself to fitness, clarity & the best expression of YOU ~ Body, Mind & Spirit!!!
  • Balance: Whether you need a pick-me-up or a soothe-me-down, these classes offer you both: a chance to check-in & re-calibrate.
  • Evolve: A playful approach to personal transformation. Release old patterns & dive into leading edge concepts with inspired teachers from all walks of life!

*Classes are “ALL LEVELS” unless otherwise noted.*


Yoga Class Descriptions

Balance: Hatha Yoga for Health
(Ha= Sun, Tha- Moon) Experience a well rounded full body experience, tailored to your needs. Weave breath, flowing postures, stillness, and strength to find your inner balance.

Renew: Yin Yoga
Based on Chinese Meridian Theory, balance your energy though this form of ‘needleless acupuncture’. Longer holding of postures encourages the deeper connecting tissue to release.

Balance: Sunset Yoga Flow
Transition into your evening with this embodying practice. Move, breathe, and connect with this grounding and gentle flow.

Strengthen: Vinyasa Yoga for Vitality
Through mindful sequencing, flow through postures linking your breath to your movement. Find your unique freedom and strength in this well rounded practice to energize your mind-body-spirit.

Renew: Flow & Restore
Find a perfect blend of movement and stillness. This unique class will start with gentle and mindful flow with attention to conscious alignment. It will transition and end with relaxing and restorative poses using props to allow you do deepen and surrender. Plan to move, align, still, relax, and leave fully satisfied. All levels and abilities are welcome to join.

Renew: Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a soothing and nurturing practice that promotes the effects of conscious relaxation. It is a gentle, therapeutic style of yoga that uses props to support the body to deepen the benefits of the poses. You will leave with a sense of feeling deeply nourished, open, and revitalized.

Qigong Class Descriptions

What is Qigong? The word Qigong is the combination of two Chinese words: Qi, (pronounced chee) meaning life energy or life force, and gong, meaning, work, cultivation or exchange.  So literally Qigong is “Life Energy Cultivation.”  This practice involves aligning breath with movement and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. Read more.

Evolve: Intro to Qigong
Discover qi, the fundamental energy of life and how to sense it in your moving, breathing body. Experience meditation in motion, joining your heart and mind through connecting movemebt with breath.

Evolve: Qi Yoga Flow
Begin with the subtle enery cultivation techniques of qigong, building to a challenging yoga flow. Open yourself to the life force of the universe while cultivating peace and strength.

Evolve: Harmonic Qigong
Experience meditation in motion, joining your heart and mind through connecting movement with breath, in this QiGong class suitable for all levels.

Evolve: Qigong of Unconditional Love
Cultivate Unconditional Love, and exchange unhealthy stagnant Qi for clean and pure healing from the Universe.

Evolve: Tonic Qigong
Focus on posture to allow Qi to flow through the body and help break up blockages with breath. Awaken with intention to influence the energy to cultivate a healthy and content mind.

Other Class Descriptions

Renew: Enliven Your Spine
Arch, curl, stretch, roll, spiral, undulate! Join us in a series of Polarity and GYROKINESIS® exercises which articulate the spine to create free movement of the vertebrae, flush the craniosacral fluid, and radiate strength and vitality through the entire body.

Open Studio Practice
Check out the beautiful Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center for your personal movement practice. This class will not be led by a teacher but rather be open to each student to listen to their unique needs. Feel free to meditate, practice qigong, or your favorite yoga poses at your own pace, in your own space, and in your own time. Cultivate your freedom through movement!

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