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Chair Massage

Chair Massage Overview


chair-massageFully clothed, deeply relaxing and surprisingly effective, chair massage is especially great for working the head neck and shoulders.
Don’t underestimate the power of a chair massage! It is the perfect antidote to our keyboard lifestyle. Sitting in a massage chair is restful and places you in the perfect position to receive the much needed attention to the muscles of the neck, head, shoulders, arms and spinal column.
We offer chair massage at all three of our locations.  We hope to see you soon!

Mood Change

A 10 minute chair massage that is amazingly effective at relieving stress and will leave you feeling differently about your day.

10 minutes – $15


Attitude Adjustment

A 15 minute chair massage that quite frankly has the capacity to change your attitude.

15 minutes – $20


Lighten Up

Feeling a little bit heavy lately?  See how this 20 minute chair massage can buoy your spirits.

20 minutes – $25


Chill Out

 30 minute chair massage that can melt the stress away–or rather, tame the beast that sometimes flares.

30 minutes – $36


Add 5 minutes for $6

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Table Massage


Table Massage Overview
Fully clothed and deeply relaxing.   Our open studio table massages are performed in a semi-private area behind a shoji screen or curtain. Therapists use compression, kneading and facilitated stretches to relax tight, sore muscles. Table massages are great for neck, hips, leg and back discomfort as they allow our therapists to gently manipulate the head and legs to release holding patterns. Save time by simply coming in when your schedule allows.  

Prepare to let go of all of your problems!


Serenity Now

Don’t wait any longer for relief that 20 serene minutes on the table can provide.

20 minutes – $30


Taste of Tranquility

After this 30 minute taste of tranquility, you’ll be asking for a second helping.

30 minutes – $45


Bountiful Bliss

You can’t have too much of a good thing with this experience of 45 blissful minutes on the table.

45 minutes – $65


Next Stop Nirvana

No need to join the monastery to arrive where this session will take you.

60 minutes – $79


Zen Breakfast

When your hunger reaches to the sublime this 75 minute table massage can really satisfy.

75 minutes – $95



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Mat Bodywork


Mat Bodywork Overview
shiatsuIntegrative Asian Bodywork (Performed on a padded floor Mat)
This deeply therapeutic bodywork style blends elements of Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Yoga  Massage, depending upon the training and experience of the practitioner. It frees up blocked energy through the use of rhythmic compression, join mobilization, stretching and stimulation of acupoints, traditional meridian channels and senn lines.
Clients experience deep relaxation, greater harmony of body, mind and spirit and a revitalization of their (Qi) life force energy. (Please wear loose, comfortable clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp, or silk.) Provided!

Freshen Up

Just long enough to take the edge off your day and to feel refreshed.

30 minutes – $45

Tension Tamer

Show your daily stress who’s in charge.

45 minutes $65

Restful Journey

When you need to get away without going anywhere.

60 minutes – $79


Mind Meld

Treat yourself to a vacation from your mind with this 75 minute trip to La La Land.

75 minutes – $95

Buddha's Elixir

Serve yourself something that no beverage can provide.

90 minutes – $109