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Standard Sessions

Standard Session Description

Swedish MassageWe have a variety of Standard Sessions to meet your needs. Hover over the descriptions below to see what session type meets your needs the best. Then click on it to book your session.

45 minutes – $70.00
60 minutes – $85.00
75 minutes – $105.00
90 minutes – $120.00

Bistro Blend

Bistro Blend is our signature massage.  It is an integrative blend featuring the skill, training and uniqueness that each of our therapists bring to the table to help you de-stress, harmonize and balance your being.



Swedish massage is the classic style of therapeutic massage using light to medium pressure, long smooth strokes and kneading to stimulate circulation. Our therapists use their own unique style to rejuvenate the body and mind.



Shiatsu began in Japan with historical roots dating back to ancient China. A typical session incorporates the use of relaxed body weight, percussion, and kneading techniques along energy pathways to stimulate the body’s life force energy, or Qi (chee). It also uses stretches and joint mobilization to free blocked energy and restore balance resulting in health, harmony and well-being.

Thai Yoga Massage

The influence of Indian Ayurvedic practice and yoga is present in the techniques that are part of Thai Massage. The client relaxes on a padded floor mat while the practitioner uses a wide variety of stretching movements and pressure points to produce a uniquely relaxing yet energizing and highly effective therapeutic treatment.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage helps a pregnant woman to relax tense muscles and reduce stress and anxiety associated with labor. It also works to relieve pain. The expanding womb puts a lot  of stress on the shoulders, abdominal area and back muscles of the mother, and lower back pain is very common during pregnancy. A prenatal massage therapist can apply pressure to specific sore spots to relieve tension and pain.

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Premium Sessions

Premium Session Description


Private table massage | Bodywork BistroOur Premium Sessions require further training and often times more expertise on behalf of our practitioners.

Hover over the descriptions to see what session type meets your needs the best. Then click on it to book your session.


45 minutes – $75.00

60 minutes – $95.00
75 minutes – $115.00
90 minutes – $130.00


Deep Tissue

This style uses deeper and more vigorous techniques than Swedish massage. It incorporates stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques. It is very effective in promoting healing from sports and non-sports related injuries.

Structural Integration - Rolfing™

Structural Integration is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation & movement education, usually delivered in a systematic series of 10 sessions progressing from superficial structures toward deeper structures, that seeks to restore the body to its natural state of alignment & balance in gravity. It uses deep slow movements to lengthen & re-position the fascia.


Hot Stone

Water treated stones are strategically placed on the body to help promote relaxation and open up the energetic pathways. Muscles are pre-treated with heated stones to allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulation. Cool stones are sometimes used alternately with hot stones. Massage oils are usually incorporated into the session.

Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral Therapy involves light, steady contact on the body with focus on the head and sacrum. It’s been shown to relieve chronic pain, eliminate trauma due to accidents and injuries, and help with TMJ dysfunction and insomnia.

Energy Balancing

Depending on the therapist and their training, this is a blanket term covering any one of the following modalities: Applied Kinesiolgy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy and Medical Qigong, to name a few.

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