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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy

What it is:

Human bodies are about two-thirds water.  The water molecule has one side with a positive charge and the other side with a negative charge, like poles of a magnet.  These molecules free-float randomly in your body, with no real order.  Polarity Therapy utilizes the natural charges of both the client’s and the practitioner’s bodies like magnets, allowing water molecules to align themselves in a cohesive pattern, allowing energy to flow freely.

History of Polarity Therapy:

Polarity Therapy, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone in the 1940s, is based on the idea that health is a result of harmony, and it seeks to clear imbalances, blockages, and stagnation.  A subtle technique based on the bio-magnetic field of a human body, this technique incorporates light contact in order to bring electrical charges into balance.

What to expect in a Polarity Therapy session:

Polarity Therapy is performed with clothes on, utilizing light contact at various places on the body. The practitioner might coach you into becoming aware of energy movement in your own body, which can be experienced through temperature variations, tingling sensations, or wavelike oscillations.  You come away from a session feeling deeply relaxed, having gained new insight into your body and its story, and with ongoing treatment, have the possibility of clearing chronic issues through tapping into the body’s magnetic field.  Polarity Therapy can be beneficial in any amount of time — as little as 10 minutes by itself or incorporated into a longer bodywork session or as a complete stand-alone, 60-90 minute treatment.


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