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HeartMind QiYoga Bodywork

HeartMind QiYoga Bodywork

What it is:

A fusion of Ohashi-style Shiatsu with Thai Yoga Massage, Qigong, Asana and Somatic awareness blend seamlessly in HeartMind Qi Yoga Bodywork. It is an Asian style of bodywork, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same system of medicine that Acupuncture uses.  But as opposed to focusing on the points, HeartMind QiYoga Bodywork, connects the dots, so to speak, focusing on the meridian lines through which energy flows.  Using the study of the Five Elements, harmony in the body is achieved through balancing energetic flows.


Developed by Matthew Sweigart over the course of the last twenty years, it is the evolution of Ohashi-style Shiatsu.  He also incorporates a focus on qi cultivation or life-energy cultivation.

What to expect in a session:

This is a clothes-on modality performed on a padded floor mat.  You, as the client, should wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for movement and stretching.  Acupressure techniques, applied with hands, fingers, knees, and elbows, in conjunction with joint mobilization and deep stretches are employed to clear stagnation and invigorate depleted areas.

Use to treat:

Clients can expect transformation through deep altered states to bring relief to a multitude of presenting challenges from acute sports injury to the chronic stresses of daily living. This complete healing system combines the best from ancient philosophy and contemporary scientific insight to foster healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our Massage Therapists who offer HeartMind Qi Yoga Bodywork:

Caralyn Ferrier
Dave Goetz
Christian Goldberg
Jessica Van Antwerp
Vanessa Wawrzynowicz
Jess Crawford

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