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Cranial Sacral Therapy Boulder

Cranial Sacral Therapy

What it is:

Your central nervous system is comprised of your brain and spinal cord, housed within a membrane called the dura mater.  Inside this membrane, flows a liquid called CerebroSpinal Fluid (CSF) that is pumped by the pituitary gland, a central gland in the brain.  When this liquid flows freely, a person experiences health and vitality.  But through ongoing stress, postural distortions or traumatic experiences, physical or emotional, the flow of this vital fluid can become impinged.  What makes Cranial Sacral Therapy unique from other forms of body work is that the cranial sacral therapist pays particular attention to the innate health and wisdom within the client’s body, not just pathology and symptoms.  Therapists observe the rhythms of the fluid and bones within the body and hold appreciation for its natural intelligence. Doing this has a profound effect!

History of Cranial Sacral:

Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy is a light touch therapy that was developed as a branch of Osteopathy by William Sutherland in the early 1900’s. The accepted truth in Osteopathy, until Sutherland, was that the bones of the cranium are fused together by sutures and therefore, do not move.  Sutherland began noticing subtle movements and rhythmic pulses within his own skull and those of his patients and eventually proved that the bones of the cranium in fact are in constant involuntary motion. It was also found that if the natural movement of the spinal fluid and the bones are impinged, disease can occur. Giving attention to these subtle movements is the main focus in Cranial Sacral Therapy.

What to expect in a Cranial Sacral session:

Performed clothed on a table, your cranial sacral therapist will create a safe space for healing that has been specifically designed to help you feel met and appreciated.  You will experience very light contact in an effort to encourage normalization of the flow of CerebroSpinal Fluid.  Profound relaxation will be experienced during the session and will stay with a person until the stresses of their everyday lives override the treatment.

Use to treat:

Cranial Sacral Therapy is helpful for many diseases and ailments, as it assists in regulating the Nervous system and in the re-patterning of physiological function. Memories and emotions can be held within the spinal fluid, so this is a great therapy for anyone dealing with trauma.

Our Therapists who offer Cranial Sacral Therapy:

Kendra Current
Julia Pancoe
Lindsay Sworski
Jessica Van Antwerp
Allison Cooper

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