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Siobhan Asgharzadeh

Siobhan Asgharzadeh

Siobhan Asgharzadeh

In the over 10 years of practicing massage as a therapeutic art, I’ve learned that each massage must be unique to the individual I am working with, and also unique to the moment that individual is experiencing in their life.  Deep presence and listening, as well as taking my time are my greatest strengths.  If I had to describe the massage I give in four words it would be slow, concentrated structural alignment.

Modalities Offered:

 I attended the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2006, a school that was focused on massage being one of many essential and integral parts of a persons overall wellness. We learned Swedish style massage, myofacial therapies, deep tissue, reflexology, shiatsu, Polarity, accompanied with studies on flower essences and colon hydrotherapy.  It was a good base to help me to address a persons specific clinical issues, as well as offer an opportunity for deep relaxation.

I have also been trained in a modality of energy work similar to cranial sacral called core synchronism, which works with cerebral spinal fluid and alignment.  In the last many years I have become a birth and postpartum doula and have trained in pre and post natal massage.  It has been such an honor to work with mamas during this precious time, supporting them in tending to their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.

Although my focus has been working with women, I love providing compassionate, nurturing massage to all humans of all ages and deeply believe that each massage is an opportunity to give back to humanity as a whole.


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