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Shanna Stapleton

Shanna Stapleton

Shanna Stapleton

My philosophy is to authentically listen to the body, integrating a variety of modalities to treat each client specifically. I enhance each massage soulfully and rhythmically connecting body, mind, and spirit! I came to Colorado in 2000 drawn to the flatirons and the holistic and healthy lifestyle that Boulder exhumes. I graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2008. with an emphasis in Zen Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Integrative, Pre Natal/Post Partum, Comfort Touch for the Elderly, and Equine Massage.

Modalities Offered:

Upon graduating, I studied with renowned healer Douglas Brady where I developed an awareness of how the emotional body manifests physical pain and illness and facilitated healing by using guided technique through physical elements, emotions, and visualization. I also studied continuing education in Big Sur California at Esalen for massage. This modality accesses the whole body in long, linear, and connective strokes leaving the client feeling connected, relaxed, deeply sourced and satisfied. I am trained in hot stone massage and enjoy adding rocks as a tool to not only apply heat, but energetically resource the rocks and earth to relieve muscle tension on a deeper level. I studied emotional and trauma relief through essential oils with well-known international educator and author Ruby Gibson.

Most recently, I studied in Thailand with The Integral Travel program with a focus on Thai Massage, Buddhism, permaculture, and sustainable tourism. Thai massage is a wonderful modality that creates an ongoing dance between client and practitioner with stretching and deeply satisfying levels of pressure and contact.

Other than massage, my background is primarily in theater and dance. I am dedicated to the arts and their healing abilities. I study intensively Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms globally and locally with Melissa Michaels. I love african dance and drumming also. Through dance, I have been given a deep awareness to the body and how it heals through movement. I believe in the power of healing through not only massage but lifestyle commitments with nature, nutrition, and meditation. I love hiking, biking, swimming, and camping, and cooking. I am heartcentered and care deeply for the earth’s sustainability and for all of humanity!


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