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Paula Samaha

Paula Samaha

Paula Samaha, Certified Rolfer™

My goal is to help people discover more length, space and ease in their body, relieve pain and tension, improve range of motion, calm the nervous system and create balance in the body and mind. I use both intuition and comprehensive formal training to provide the most appropriate and supportive service for each client. My work focuses on hydrating fascia, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons which are the components of the human bodies soft tissue system that support and move our skeletal structure. I work with a calming and heartfelt presence; my touch is slow, mindful, deep, and intelligent with an intention to get rid of the adhesions in the soft tissue that prevent the body from performing efficiently. I am a certified Rolfer™, graduated from the Rolf Institute® for Structural Integration and a Yoga Teacher.

Modalities Offered:

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an effective form of hands on tissue manipulation and movement education. It works structurally to reorganize the web-like complex of connective tissue and improves the alignment of the whole body with respect to the field of gravity.I offer The Basic Ten Series which works to free the structure, correct posture, release holding patterns and increase space in the joints. By balancing and aligning the whole body in gravity, pain and symptoms, as well as the strain patterns that caused them, are eased and the body becomes more efficient, athletic performance improves and your daily activities become effortless.I also offer private and semi-private yoga sessions which are completely tailored with personalized instructions necessary to develop a greater understanding of yoga and the many benefits including optimizing health, reducing stress, fine tuning the practice and deepening the connection to the breath.

Through a combination of Rolfing and Yoga, we get synergistic effects beyond the benefits of either alone. As Rolfing® opens up new possibilities for movement, yoga provides a way to explore and enhance the new movement patterns.

It is a wonderful opportunity to listen to our bodies, love and care for ourselves and discover our own path toward well-being.


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