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Norell Leung, BA, CMT

Norell Leung, BA, CMT

Norell Leung, BA, CMT

Precision, Depth, Agility, Sensitivity, Creativity, and Intuition are the 6 pillars of Norell’s healing arts practice.  From nurturing Stress Management Massage fit to preen the wings of a butterfly to incredibly Specific Deep Tissue as expansive as the ocean, she embraces the full spectrum of client needs.  She listens deeply and intuitively to her clients’ communication on all levels.  Based on individual client needs, her sessions are goal and treatment-oriented, employing the use of modified Strain-Counterstrain (a gentle, highly effective form of trigger point therapy) to disperse specific pain points.

Modalities Offered:

Since she began practicing in 2010, Norell has been developing a bodywork technique called “Symphonic Massage.”  The name was coined when one of her clients remarked that Norell’s work felt like a “bodywork symphony.”  While there are no violins singing or flutes trilling during it, Symphonic Massage is based on intricate, advanced stroke combinations that maximize conscious points of contact, harmoniously, and very…very, slowly.  This technique multiplies the amount of release possible for a client to receive in their session while its molasses-slow speed and strokes that glide, encircle and entrance make the experience a relaxing, calming slice of paradise where time appears to stop.

Norell works on her clients using up to all four limbs, and using opposite sides of them, all at once.  For example, while the palm of the hand is employed in one stroke, the back of the forearm of the same arm is also working in another area, and the knee, in yet another area.  Many clients say that receiving Norell’s work feels like receiving from several practitioners at once!

While elements of Symphonic Massage can enhance bodywork at all depths of pressure, it is an especially effective form of Deep Tissue. Norell’s background in dance and gymnastics has helped her hone the strength, agility and precision necessary to use weight to transcend strength.  Practicing Symphonic Massage has enabled her to meet even the most demanding clients’ deep tissue needs, multiply her overall endurance, preserve her energy, and ultimately avoid hand and wrist fatigue that is common for many massage therapists.  In practicing with this intention, Norell’s work is sought after by many other healing practitioners.


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