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Mia Battaglia

mia battaglia

Mia Battaglia

Mia Battaglia is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who has been practicing massage therapy and Core Synchronism since 2004, and Thai Massage since 2009. She nurtures clients with an intuitive approach to touch grounded in theory provided by her extensive training in both Core Synchronism and Thai Massage therapies. She received her core practitioner training with Core Synchronism founder Robert Stevens, and travels to Thailand frequently to continue refining her knowledge of Thai Massage therapy. In Thailand, she has studied with Pichet Boonthumme and Felicity Joy focusing particularly on Sen-Line Theory and Thai Abdominal Massage. She skillfully employs these practices to release bound fascia, decrease inflammation, and promote healthy circulation in the body.

Modalities Offered:

  • Bistro Blend
  • Core Synchronism
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reiki
  • Swedish
  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Abdominal Massage
Mia has experience working with a wide range of clientele, including those recovering from acute injuries, suffering from chronic pain, and patients living with disability, such as cerebral palsy or down syndrome. She is sensitive to both the physical and energetic dimensions of pain, and works hard to listen to her clients, their words and their bodies. With this approach, Mia provides clients with both caring treatments and practical tools to take charge of their own well-being.

Mia understands that her therapies are just one piece in the broader picture of your health, and looks forward to working with you to discover,cultivate, and sustain your optimal wellness.


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