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MacKenzie Carter

MacKenzie Carter

MacKenzie Carter

I have always had a passion for helping others. As a child I was enamored with the idea of becoming a doctor and saving lives. However growing up with a homeopathic grandmother and seeing first hand the amazing power of natural medicine eventually swayed me to seek other ways to care for people. I attended the Texas Center for Massage Therapy in 2014 and began my practice “Mack’s Relax Traveling Spa” working in Dallas Texas. Wanting more out of my practice and more for my clients I decided move to Boulder to attend the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration in September of 2015. I will conclude my training this December.

Modalities Offered:

The Rolfing Ten Series is a way of looking at the body in segments, and working on the body in parts so that each area is addressed. While the body is treated as a whole, the focus is different each time to ensure a “wholistic” approach.

 I enjoy the art of relaxation as I have found that calming the nervous system can work wonders for getting kinks and tight muscles to relax, possibly better than working deeply. I have a “whole body” approach in which the body is considered as a whole working organism as opposed to separate parts that are in pain. My philosophy is that pain arises when there is not enough room for everything to work properly so I will work with your body and your “body’s life” to find the root of the pain. My Structural Integration training has taught me to integrate movement for the client to create a lasting change. If we can find patterns which have plagued your body we will work to get the brain to let go of those patterns which can be hindering your life; not just creating change on the table but off the table as well.

 I really enjoy seeing my clients “let go” and find that I have the most success with Swedish techniques as well as Rolfing techniques. I am also proficient in deep tissue as sometimes that is necessary to get to the root of the problem.

 I thoroughly enjoy performing prenatal massage as I enjoy the opportunity to work on a life at has yet to arrive in this world as well as the mother of that new life. Massage during pregnancy can be a relaxing bonding experience to both mother and child as well as other benefits like increasing circulation and decreasing stress.

 My first love in the world of healing was Reflexology. The hands and the feet are our most important sensory input machines. We travel and experience through the movement of these structures and in them we can find maps of our entire body. Working the hands and feet can be a wonderful way to reach the body if the body is in a repair stage or any numerous other reasons the body cannot be accessed. Reflexology allows circulation to its corresponding parts and can aid in “unwinding” areas of the body. Because of this, I like to incorporate Reflexology into most of my sessions, and encourage my clients to spend some time in their bare feet.

 I enjoy spending my days outside in the mountains, as I didn’t grow up around them, they are miraculous to me! I am a skiing enthusiast, camper, hiker, SUPer who enjoys being exhausted by nature. I have a love for people and all the different things we each have to offer, and I would love to get to know you. Come spend some time with me and let me share my skill with you!



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