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Jessica Ryan Reeves

Jessica Ryan Reeves

Jessica Ryan Reeves

Jessica combines the profound listening skills of Craniosacral and Shiatsu to assist her in Deep Tissue and treatment work. Jessica has been a licensed massage practitioner for 9 years.  She received her education at the Brian Utting School of Massage located in Seattle, Washington, graduating in 2004.

Modalities Offered:

Her enthusiasm for the healing arts has taken her to Chaing Mai, Thailand where she received certification in Thai Massage.  Upon return, she began a six-year mentorship with Yasuo Mori studying the traditional art of Shiatsu and Macrobiotics. In 2010 she completed the Crainosacral certification with Pat O’Rouke, which was followed by one year as teacher assistant.

This range of knowledge and techniques allows Jessica to cater to specific needs whether it is working with an extensive injury or assisting with internal awareness, inherent health, and happiness. Although we have the same basic structures, no two bodies are alike. Everyone has his or her own experiences and memories. They’re own ways of holding on and more importantly letting go.  Jessica is thankful for the opportunity to be part of the healing process.

“Bodywork is a dance between practitioner and client. It’s a negotiation of trust, support and communication. Our life stories are written and revealed to us through the language of the body.”

To make an appointment or receive further information about Jessica’s work please contact her at or phone her at 206-383-0408.


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