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Greg Hall

Greg Hall

Greg Hall

My path to becoming a bodyworker and healer first opened in 2002, when I stumbled into the movement aspect of Chinese medicine, Qigong, a wondrous gift that changed everything for me. As I became more aware of and sensitive to what was happening in my body, I became increasingly interested in how the body works, and ultimately, in how and why it sometimes doesn’t.

I graduated from the Arcata School of Massage in 2009, a program informed by the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. While receiving training in somatic therapy, I learned to approach chronic pain structurally, while also taking into account the role of the central nervous system. This approach invites solutions instead of simply masking symptoms. I also offer Shiatsu-infused Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal massage, Polarity Therapy, Healing Qigong and Fijian Massage–deep work performed with my feet (Fijian sessions are by appointment, and only at the Living Arts Center on Iris Ave.)

Modalities Offered:

My sessions often incorporate elements from different modalities; I work intuitively to find what is most needed in response to a client’s presenting conditions. I begin each session knowing that our bodies naturally lean toward self healing, and will do exactly that when we are able to get out of our own way. My role in that process is to find the quality of touch that allows clients to access their own healing–to feel their best and shine their brightest.


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