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Gabe Warren

Gabe Warren

Gabriel Warren

Gabriel’s curiosity and awareness of bodywork and healing arts were sparked from a young age by learning from his mother, a PHD Physical Therapist.

His journey and passion for massage and bodywork began with the Healing Spirits graduating class of 2014. His training in Karate and experience of techniques to work with chronic and complicated pain and holding patterns informs his massage sessions.  They are all well tailored to help his clients find release, and empowering knowledge for returning to comfort. His experiences have helped his understanding of structural harmony and the deep connection that is mind body and energy.

Modalities Offered:

Gabriel’s training in the Eastern Bodywork and philosophy of HeartMind Shiatsu assists him to help his clients understand chi and energy in their own bodies.  His work with an artful blend of modalities such as Swedish, Integrative Massage, Trigger point, Strain counter-strain, Specific Injury Treatment along with the knowledge of energy pathways within the body from Shiatsu training, provides a well rounded and evolving experience.

His work assists clients to be fully in their bodies to facilitate specific attention and care to postural habits and pain problems.


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