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Eric DeFonso

Eric DeFonso

Eric DeFonso

After graduating from Healing Spirits Massage Therapy Program in Boulder (2015), Eric then traveled to Thailand and Bali, Indonesia to study Thai Yoga massage and develop an appreciation of the culture where the practice originated over 2000 years ago. Working the traditions of East and West, and even melding them when the situation seems to demand it, he creates sessions with an easy relaxing flow as well as with specific therapeutic focus.

Modalities Offered:

Eric offers Integrative Massage, with deep-tissue, Swedish, sports, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques on the table, and of course Thai Yoga massage in fully clothed sessions on a comfy floor mat. It is especially through Thai Yoga massage that Eric lets his therapeutic and nurturing skills shine through.

“My path to doing bodywork is probably unique, and involved pursuits that many don’t associate with massage. But looking back I now see all I’ve ever done as a helpful prelude to this terrific practice. My physics background (B.Sc.) helps me understand body motion and dynamics; my experience in birding and ecology helps me understand the amazing interconnection of all things; my earth sciences study (M.Sc.) helps me appreciate the cycles and flow of nature, and the place where we all came from; and my world travels have been my teacher, humbling me and introducing me to ancient spiritual traditions that cultivate compassion, mindfulness, and clarity. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for bodywork and showing you how it can be part of your own health maintenance practice!”



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