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Dave Goetz, BA, CMT

Dave Goetz, BA, CMT

Dave Goetz, BA, CMT

Dave is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage and has had a strong interest in health, yoga and nutrition since his teenage years. He’s taught shiatsu for Healing Spirits Massage Training Program, is the cofounder of HeartMind Bodywork and is the owner of Bodywork Bistro. He enjoys practicing yoga, qigong and meditation and brings the fruits of these practices into his bodywork style. He is equally skilled on a massage chair, table or mat. His mat based bodywork integrates the best of Thai Yoga Massage and shiatsu and his table work is fluid, deep, continuous and integrative.

Modalities Offered:

“The body is self-healing, self-renewing and self-regenerating. As long as the life-force energy, or qi, can flow through the body without obstructions the body’s innate healing energy can keep us free of dis-ease. I believe that massage and bodywork should be part of our primary healthcare system.”

“I am so grateful for the Body Bistro and Dave’s massages. When I get to my wits end, which is usually what drives me to get a massage; I can count on Dave to turn things around for me. I leave him, after a massage, a totally new woman.One night in particular (there’s been several), I went in to the Body Bistro after a lot of work and travel with a splitting headache, just feeling awful. If I hadn’t gone to Dave, I would have taken pain killers and been laid up, I could hardly function. Dave was there, with few words (he could tell the state I was in), got me on the table and started his magic.

Dave has the ability to go where I need the work – and fast. He is open and an excellent listener, which is great because I’d rather not talk. I need someone who can get the job done and not waste time. Every aspect of Dave’s massage is working on what I came there for.

I didn’t need to schedule in advance, a full hour, candles or the like – his skill and expertise transported me out of my pain and into the present. When he was finished, I felt refreshed, my headache was gone and I was feeling 100% better from when I walked in.

It is so amazing to me to be able to get that kind of transformation “on call” from Dave (by walking into the Body Bistro). Somehow, it’s the power of taking care of myself ‘on-demand’ that I get the best massages. I’m grateful for my “walk-in” wonderland!”


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