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Dana Wolk

Dana Wolk

Dana Wolk

Dana graduated from Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in 2009. She has been practicing massage ever since. She is passionate about the healing arts and loves every minute of her work. She is a very intuitive practitioner and has been said to be a great listener with both her ears and her hands. She loves giving a deeply relaxing massage while focusing attention on any specific area of pain that may exist.

Modalities Offered:

She works with the muscle tissues as well as the subtle energies of the body to create a space for the client to open and receive that which they need. A feeling of bliss should come from deep within in order to initiate and facilitate health and wellness, this is what Dana strives to achieve with her bodywork. She believes that we all deserve to be wholly happy in mind, body, spirit and heart.

Dana has also studied cultural Anthropology. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO in 2005 with a passion for people and travel. She has spent years wandering the globe and learning first hand about how humans survive, interact and thrive in many different cultures and environments. In her adventures she has found that many people lack not only medicine and healthcare, but simple human touch. She’s on a mission to touch the world, one wholesome hand at a time.


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