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Cori Erickson

Cori Erickson

Cori Erickson

Cori Erickson has been working on people as a caregiver and healer for over 15 years.  In late 2008, her passion for massage blossomed as she decided to pursue a career as a therapist.  Since she grew up in Montana and loves the mountains, going to school in Boulder, CO at Healing Spirits Massage Training Program was a perfect of blend academics and outdoors.

Modalities Offered:

After graduating in October of 2010 Cori started her business in Denver, Cori’s Massage Expressions (CmE), and has been working together with Bodywork Bistro in Boulder since July 2011.  In January 2011, Cori went to Thailand to further her studies in Thai Yoga Massage and developed connections with other practitioners and mentors.

Cori excels in using her intuition and knowledge of the human body to create a custom therapeutic massage for each of her clients ever time.  Her specialties include: Therapeutic Integrative Bliss, Thai Yoga, Hot Stones, Strain Counter-Strain, Energy work, Inter-oral massage for TMJ Dysfunction, Migraine therapy, and various other modalities to relieve pain and promote deep relaxation.


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