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Brandon Love

Brandon Love

Brandon Love

I believe that feeling completely comfortable and at ease is of utmost importance while receiving massage. In 2012, I graduated from the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in Asheville, North Carolina, my hometown. Instructed primarily by Kyle C. Wright, LMBT, NCTMB, I learned much in the way of structurally balancing the body through techniques of slow, concentrated bodywork. To compliment this instruction, I also spent a period of time in the green mountains of Vermont, practicing massage at the Brattleboro Holistic Health Center. To broaden my field of knowledge, I have taken many additional classes involving modalities such as Thai Massage, Feldenkrais, Hot Stone Therapy and Breema.

Modalities Offered:

In my spare time, I enjoy creating stone balance sculptures in Boulder Creek and figurative sculptures in the studio. From practicing these two passions of mine, my hands have developed a calm steadiness that allows me to connect on a deeper level with the gentle flows of energy that exist within all of us.

In order to completely allow your muscles to let go of their tension, one must have neither pain nor fear of the pain itself. This is done by keeping a steady communication throughout the entire massage, verbally or non-verbally. Once the mind is able to let go of tension, the muscles will release and the healing can begin gracefully.

I learned, to my surprise, how the source of pain is not always located on the site of pain. This incredible school of advanced bodywork opened my mind up to the worlds upon worlds that exist simultaneously within our body; all of which are linked harmoniously.  So perhaps your body has presented you with a puzzling array of pain patterns; I will happily take it upon myself to help solve this puzzle with you, one step at a time.

Whether you are coming to me for ridding your body of pain or simply needing to take some time to let go of tension, I am here to help you!


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