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Beth Boyd

Beth Boyd

Beth Boyd

Beth has to offer over 14 years experience in the healing arts. She graduated in 2001 from the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, CO. Beth has had training in Neuromuscular Re-Education, Sports massage, Hot Stone, Prenatal massage, Energy Medicine, Reiki, and the AromaTouch Technique using doTERRA Essential Oils. Over the years her work has developed into what she considers an integrative massage; some describe it as spiritual-energetic massage, offering much depth, not only on a physical level.

Modalities Offered:

In 2005, Beth lived at the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India. She learned and practiced yoga as a way of life, which brings another realm of awareness to her body work sessions. Beth has been teaching yoga and yoga nidra meditation for the past 8 years; most recently at the Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. Now that she has moved to Boulder, Beth enjoys teaching as well as preparing food/juices/smoothies for yoga retreats in Colorado as well as Mexico. Feel free to inquire about private yoga instruction with Beth. She can help you create a practice to fit your personality, lifestyle and needs. Regular practice of yoga can help you to maintain the healing effects of massage and help you to be involved in the process of your self-healing.

Beth is also a Watsu (aquatic bodywork) Practitioner, and was blessed to give massage and watsu for 14 years at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, in Steamboat Springs, CO. Her love for water and dance enables her to move fluidly through her massage. Her strength gives a feeling of stability, and her compassion inducing a deep feeling of nurturing and peace. Beth’s presence is almost palpable. She is guided by her intuition, using any one, or many of her modalities to give you what you need. Beth hopes that you will benefit from your massage with her by feeling renewed, rejuvenated, balanced, and cared for.

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