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Ash Blanchette

Ash Blanchette

Ash Blanchette

I provide a supportive space for chronic pain relief, increased mobility/range of motion, emotional release, and reduced stress and tension held in your body. I practice Thai Massage Therapy, and integrate deep tissue modalities, trigger point therapy and myofascial release, both on the table and on the mat. With deep listening, I allow your body to lead in its release, consistently attuning to your needs.

Modalities Offered:

  • Bistro Blend
  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial Release
  • Pre-natal
  • Reiki Energy Medicine
  • Thai Herbal Massage
  • Thai Nerve Touch (Jap Sen)
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  •  Trigger Point Therapy
Thai Massage is a holistic practice, which stimulates the body systems, realigns pathways and moves stagnant/ blocked energy with dynamic movements, stretches and a meditative practice of Metta (Loving Kindness, Compassion and Great Friendliness). My Thai “Nerve Touch” sessions address painful conditions, including nerve pain, numbness, back/neck pain, hip/knee/ankle pain, and shoulder/wrist pain. This work is my love and I am devoted to this healing practice and the facilitation of transformation.

My Professional Training:

  • Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, Grass Valley, CA [246 hours]
  • Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, Asheville, NC [675 hours]
  • Certified Reiki I & II Practitioner in the Usui System of Reiki Healing


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