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Arisa LaFonda

Arisa LaFonda

Arisa LaFonda

I have always had a passion for helping others. As a child I was enamored with the idea of becoming a doctor and saving lives. However growing up with a homeopathic grandmother and seeing first hand the amazing power of natural medicine eventually swayed me to seek other ways to care for people. I attended the Texas Center for Massage Therapy in 2014 and began my practice “Mack’s Relax Traveling Spa” working in Dallas Texas. Wanting more out of my practice and more for my clients I decided move to Boulder to attend the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration in September of 2015. I will conclude my training this December.

Modalities Offered:

The Rolfing Ten Series is a way of looking at the body in segments, and working on the body in parts so that each area is addressed. While the body is treated as a whole, the focus is different each time to ensure a “wholistic” approach.


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