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Arisa LaFond

Arisa LaFond

Arisa LaFond

Arisa brings a holistic approach to her work. A Rolfer™ of Structural Integration and a Licensed Massage Therapist, dancer, and traveler, she began her studies of holistic health and healing in her mid-twenties. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and live abroad for several years.

Modalities Offered:

Returning to Colorado, she completed a formal training in massage therapy at Crestone Healing Arts Center, a 720-hour program. After being in practice as a massage therapist, she continued her studies at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder and on the Island of Kauai. She has been a Structural Integration practitioner since 2008. Arisa then studied at the Rolf institute in Brazil in 2012 to complete her training as a Rolfer™. As a Somatic Rolfer™ of Structural Integration, certified through both the Guild and the Rolf Institute, she is a bridge combining various threads of integration into her practice.

She thus brings a richness to her work through the variety and depth of her experience and her continuing quest for higher levels of alignment. She concentrates on the whole person, with emphasis on energetic refinement, balance, and harmony in each individual’s system. She brings a powerful sensitivity to her clients, her work, and her service in the world. Arisa feels fortunate to have many opportunities to serve the community.


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