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Anne Bruce

Anne Bruce

Anne Bruce

In my bodywork practice, I love synthesizing my creative, intuitive, sensitive nature with my detailed understanding of the structure and function of the human body.  I am a certified Rolfer©, graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  Prior to my study of bodywork, I developed an understanding for structure, environment, and genuine place-making while acquiring my Masters of Architecture Degree.

Modalities Offered:

Actively, I assimilate and document my human experience through visual arts and movement modalities of yoga, dance and improvisation.

Bodywork therapy has been a rich offering that weaves my acuity in structural patterns, creative movement, and facilitating an authentic expression of the individual.

Gratefully, I have had the opportunity to teach yoga since 2004 and facilitate workshops on experiential anatomy for Yoga Teacher Training.  My endeavors on the yoga path have included Karma Yoga (yoga of service) at the Mount Madonna Center where I experienced living in spiritual community and studying traditional yoga philosophy. I have trained in the Ashtanga tradition learning detailed alignment, skillful adjustments, asana as a focusing meditation and Pranayama practice. My studies with Donna Farhi have moved me intimately towards subtle awareness of body systems and intuitive, kinetic alignment. My work with Ayurveda continues to inspire me to see potential for harmony at any moment as I more deeply observe the qualities of my actions and experience though the lens of the 5 elements.  My personal practice and lifestyle is blessed by the Bhakti tradition and consider myself at your service, In Service.


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