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Allison Cooper

allison cooper

Allison Cooper

As a Massage Therapist and Cranio-Sacral Therapist my philosophy is that within each person flows a constant source of energy and health. This divine intelligence runs through every cell and everything, connecting us all to our highest potential. In my sessions with clients I trust the body’s natural intelligence and allow clients to experience their own transformation by holding a loving and patient presence. I listen to the profound dialogue that begins to take place within the person’s body. I listen with my whole body and heart.

Modalities Offered:

This technique of holding space helps a person to open deeper into themselves so that they may realize their goals for their healing session. Below is a list of the types of techniques I specialize in and that you are most likely to experience when you get a massage from me. -Neuromuscular Therapy =Range of motion is used while massaging different parts of individual muscles. -Trigger Point Therapy= Locating specific adhesion and points of tension and using sustained pressure until the muscles releases. -Deep Tissue= DEEP! -Relaxing Swedish -Cranio Sacral Therapy= Balances spinal fluid and relieves tension in the Muscles.


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