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Sun Exposure: How much is enough?

Scientists have now proven, that being in the sun may be one of the most health engaging activities you can offer yourself. With Vitamin D being a preventative towards over 16 diseases, you have absolutely every right to satiate your sunshine needs, with mindful discernment. Certain amounts of sunshine is essential.

Ketogenic Diet: We’ve heard of it, but what is it? Learn the TOP 10 benefits!

The Ketogenic Diet, also known to be a low carb diet, effectively reverses how our bodies operate, changing the game of nutrition, as we know it. I’m sure the Paleo diet has also been on your radar, and yet, there are still major improvements that can always be implemented, or even taken out, right? Trying out different diets are a part of this health revolution!

Healthy Living Vs. Busy Lives: Getting This Choice Wrong May Sabotage Your Health

Most people give one of three reasons for neglecting their preventative health in favor of band-aid solutions when their body starts to break down: “it’s too expensive”, “it’s too time-consuming”, or “I don’t even know where to start.” Let’s break down each of these barriers to prioritizing your health and discover how it’s more achievable than you think.

4 Most Common Questions About Qigong Answered

The central premise in the practice of Qigong is to improve the energetic essence of the person practicing it, primarily using movement and self-awareness to do so.

Let’s answer a few of the most common questions people have about qigong, and dispel a few myths while we’re at it.

Why Access to Holistic Health Care Is Limited, And What To Do About It

Whether you’re interested in acupuncture, qigong, massage, or yoga, you’ve probably noticed that holistic health care is a growing field.

More consumers in the U.S. are seeking access to holistic health care options every day.

In fact, a 2008 survey from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that 38% of adults are already using some form of alternative or contemporary medicine.

But in spite of this trend, some institutions limit the public’s access to alternative health options in favor of conventional medical treatments.

People are interested in exploring their options outside of the box of conventional pharmaceutical medicine, and like all consumers they want access to a variety of options.

The Heart of The Vaccine Controversy: Are Vaccines Really Safe?

There’s no question that the safety of vaccinations has become one of the mostly hotly contested issues within health and wellness today. Whether you have a friend whose life was saved by a vaccine, or an acquaintance who suffered from serious side effects of a vaccination, chances are you’ve heard some strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Let’s see what the research has to say on this controversial issue.

Why You Need to Break Up With “Exercise” & Get Back to Movement Basics

Sitting is the new smoking, and as it turns out, the studies that show a link between time spent sitting and mortality are teaching us that this rule applies independent of leisure time physical activity.

Translation: You can’t make up for 8 hours spent sitting every weekday with 45 minutes of vigorous physical activity – it’s your overall time spent moving that reduces your mortality risk.

Legalization of Marijuana in California: What Does It Mean For the Rest of the US?

In case you haven’t been reading the news for a while, here’s a little newsflash for you: California legalized recreational marijuana use as of the beginning of 2018.

Following in the footsteps of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine, the state now allows adults to use cannabis for non-medicinal purposes, opening up what some are predicting will be “the world’s largest market for legalized recreational marijuana.”

With the wave of states choosing to legalize the plant’s recreational use come many questions about it’s safety and whether or not it could cause the use of more illicit drugs to become more common.

How to Have A Mindful Relationship With Your Smartphone (No really, It’s possible!)

Ever get together with a friend and find yourself fighting for their eye contact as they’re constantly pulling their phone out to check every ring, buzz and beep?

Or worse yet, do you find yourself unable to go an hour without checking your phone to see if you’ve received any texts or app notifications?

Smartphones ride along in the pocket or bag of just about everyone these days, but research is telling us we should be concerned about reducing our attachment to our phones, for both our mental and physical health.

8 Must-Read Wellness Books To Transform Your Life in 2018

Have you considered that the thoughts you consume and generate can lead to just as many positive changes as all of the “planning” in the world?

Today we’re going to share some books that are incredible kick-starters for better wellness and balanced health.

Here are some of the must-read wellness titles of late 2017 and early 2018, according to wellness experts around the world.

Do Germs REALLY Make You Sick?

It’s not an uncommon sight these days to see people with small tubes of antibacterial hand sanitizer dangling from their purse, keychain, or backpack. (In fact, you might even carry one with you each day.)

And we all probably have at least one friend that we’d confidently call a “germ-o-phobe.”

But where did this compulsive fear of germs come from, and are germs really a proven danger to our health?

The Truth About Myofascial Release

Lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys.

Like any good student, you probably memorized all your vital organs in grade school.

But you probably never heard about a little-known but enormously important organ whose relatively recent discovery is changing the way scientists and practitioners view pain and restrictions in your body.

That special organ is your body’s fascia, and unlike the other isolated organs you learned about in grade school, your fascia surrounds, penetrates, and connects every structure of your body from head to toe. (There is still some debate as to whether fascia is indeed an organ or a tissue type.)

6 Incredible Benefits of Astragalus Root

Often combined with other herbs to create highly potent formulas, Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus) has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine to tone and strengthen many systems of the body for thousands of years. It has also been seen as a protector against both mental and physical stress.

Modern-day research on the effect of astragalus is very promising, providing proof to the centuries-old claims of its powerful impact on the body.

5 Reasons Why Tonic Herbalism Must Be A Part of Your Daily Wellness Routine

What if our health care was focused on taking initiative to care for and maintain our good health, rather than trying to fight off a dark shadow of illness already hanging over us?

Tonic herbs are herbal remedies that are taken regularly for an extended period of time, and are intended to improve your wellness by creating a synergy within body systems that fosters immunity. Tonic herbs are often combined in formulas intended to tone and strengthen particular bodily systems. Ashwaganda, Astragalus, and Reishi are a few examples of the many herbal extracts widely used in tonic herbalism.

So why should you incorporate tonic herbalism into your daily routine? Here are five reasons it will make all the difference for you.

What To Expect From Thai Massage (And Why It Works So Well)

The gentle movement, connective experience, and deep sense of loving compassion expressed in Thai massage make it not only an effective massage for treating physical ailments, but also part of living a centered life.

Thai massage has its roots in ancient Thailand, but has been welcomed around the world by modern bodyworkers and healing practitioners who have discovered this unparalleled experience of relaxation and healing.

Thai massage is known as a powerful massage method for natural pain relief, which is what brings many people in search of massage in the first place.

Why Does Cannabis Oil Work So Well for Treating Inflammation?

If you’re looking for a more natural anti-inflammatory solution to reduce the signs of aging and stem the spread of preventable disease to your body, you need look no further than the friendly green plant that’s been getting a lot of attention in the past few years.

That’s right—compounds in cannabis oil have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties without the psychotropic effects.

But perhaps you’re thinking “I’m already so healthy, I haven’t got any inflammation to worry about”?

Read on to find out why chronic inflammation is more common than you think—even in seemingly healthy individuals—and why reducing inflammation in your body now can reduce your risk of deadly disease in the future.

Do Energy Healing Techniques Actually Work? We Dig Into Four Methods To Find Out

Energy healing is also referred to as “energy work” or energy balancing, and there are as many variations in focus and methodology as you can imagine that fall under the broad umbrella of energy healing.

At their core, the majority of energy healing techniques rely on less invasive, more client-centered approaches to healing, using minimal physical touch and tissue manipulations.

Energy healing modalities rely instead on unseen forces like electrical frequencies to create an energetic exchange between the practitioner and the client.

4 Little-Known Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom (#2 will blow you away!)

Since as early as the 16th century, Chaga mushroom has been used in herbal folk medicine as a cleansing and disinfecting measure throughout Poland, Russia, and other Baltic countries. Until as recently as the 1990’s, it was virtually unknown in the rest of the world.

But in recent years, scientific evidence proving the powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects of this fungus are feeding it’s rise to popularity in the natural health community worldwide.

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Have you ever felt confused about what exactly “deep tissue massage” really means? If you have, you’re not alone. We often hear misunderstandings about what “deep tissue” work really is, and the reality is that with different backgrounds and training histories, each of our bodyworkers does have a slightly different take on “deep tissue” work.

These Little-Known Superfoods Will Keep You Hydrated All Day Long

You’ve probably read dozens of articles and rolled your eyes as you heard over and over again, “make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated!” As you know, the human body is made up of approximately two thirds water, and the effects of even mild dehydration range from annoying to seriously hazardous for your health.

But focusing only on water consumption levels neglects the other important element of healthy hydration: the food that we eat.

What if the food that you eat throughout each day could help you not only satisfy your hunger, but also give you a way higher rate of hydration?

What if you could “eat your water?”

Today, you can use this article to swipe the secrets of elite athletes and learn which superfoods you can eat every day to boost your hydration naturally.

A Beginner’s Guide To Lomi Lomi Massage

The deeply relaxing, flowing form of massage known as Lomi Lomi began in ancient Hawaii, but it’s popularity now reaches all over the world.

Lomi Lomi creates an environment of tranquility with smooth, seamless strokes that flow from one part of the body to the next without stopping. This repetitive, moderate pressure puts the mind at ease and allows the tension in the muscles to unravel.

7 Ways Massage Increases Workplace Productivity

If you’re looking for a morale boost or a way to improve your focus at work, massage is a proven tool to do just that.

On-site chair massage for employees, or encouraging a regular visit to the studio for a table massage, is a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to get your employees excited about coming to work.

Pro tip: If you want to encourage your boss to bring in on-site massage to your office, after reading this article forward it to your boss as a gentle hint.

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul: Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Clearing the mental clutter with meditation is a sure way to ground yourself in a more positive outlook for the rest of the year. But if the word “meditation” conjures up a mental picture of a monk high on a mountaintop fasting for days at a time and following a vow of silence, it’s no wonder you’re reluctant to give meditation a try.

Raw Cacao: Drink of the Gods

Why did the Incas consider raw cacao the "drink of the Gods?" Probably due to the impressive list of mind/body benefits attributed to this superfood power house. The following are some of our favorites: Medicine for the Heart. Raw cacao brings us into the energy of...

Apple Cider Vinegar is Awesome!

Did you know how amazing apple cider vinegar is for your health? In addition to its many uses for cleaning, hygiene, gardening, and cooking, high quality apple cider vinegar can be used internally for an abundance of health purposes. 1 | Helps with Tummy Troubles. Sip...

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

We are in the savory and delicious season of root vegetables and this month we've got a wonderful Butternut Squash Soup recipe for you to try. The natural sweetness of winter squash and other root vegetables like carrot, rutabaga, parsnip, turnip, sweet potato, yam,...

Are you drinking the best water?

Water makes up about 75% of our bodies and is essential to our health and well being. Most of us know that we should drink about 8 glasses of water per day, but do you know what kind of drinking water is best? Ideally your drinking water should be naturally pure and...

Give Yourself an Immunity Boost

Summer vacations are over. As we transition from a perhaps more leisurely pace of summer and warm weather to the flurry of activity that back to school and cooler weather brings, it is important to pay extra attention to our immune systems. Prevention is key in cold...

Asian Health Practices and Qi

Our bodies are miraculous in their healing capabilities. We are self-healing, self-renewing, and self-regenerating and will find and maintain health as long as the energetic pathways in our bodies are flowing in a balanced and free way. Stimulating and regulating this...

Delicious Superfood Smoothies

It's smoothie season! Smoothies are a great way to consume a variety of power-packed nutrients first thing in the morning, or whenever you need a light meal or snack. Follow the guide to smoothie making below and have lots of fun creating! There are 4 main components...

Radiant Health with Reishi

As we move into the summer season and the work hard, play hard vibration that this time of year generally brings into our lives, it is a good idea to add daily herbal support to assist the body in cultivating and maintaining health and vitality. Reishi is an excellent...

Balancing the Wood Element

As we welcome the month of May the sun continues to warm the earth and the growth of nature abounds. This springtime surge of growth and energy is reflective of the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Balancing the wood element in our bodies and lives...

Why Cleanse in Spring?

We have arrived in the season of rebirth and renewal. Birds are singing and flowers are bursting up through the earth. Auyervedic wisdom tells us that cleansing in the springtime helps us to shed the stagnation and heaviness that we may have accumulated during the...

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