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body-bistro-new-logoBistro Blend

What it is:

Each massage therapist that works with us has training in multiple massage modalities and continues to deepen their therapeutic studies. This massage blend offers them the creative opportunity to synthesize the best, most effective and delicious therapeutic techniques from each area of study to provide an experience that is truly unique and fully adaptable to meet your specific needs.
What to expect in a session:

The Bistro Blend massage session can be performed with clothes on in our open studio, or unclothed in a private session. The use of lotion or oil is determined by your goals for the massage and your practitioner’s style. The depth at which they work is also up to you. You decide if you’d like them to focus on only one area, a few, or incorporate your whole body for an integrative massage experience.

Use to Treat:

This massage style provides the greatest range of benefits, from general relaxation to specific treatment of an injured area, to reducing the occurrence of headaches. Based on the philosophy that most ailments come from an accumulation of stress, the Bistro Blend is massage for stress relief. The goal is to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system or “rest and digest” mode, bringing you out of the stressful state in which so many of us exist, and honoring the innate desire of the body to exist in a state of harmony.

Our Massage Therapists who offer Deep Tissue Massage:

All of our massage therapists offer the Bistro Blend. Visit Our Therapists to learn more.

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