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Bodywork Bistro – Living Arts Center


Bodywork Bistro Downtown


Bodywork Bistro Whole Foods


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Bodywork Bistro – Living Arts Center


Bodywork Bistro – Downtown 


Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center – Yelp Reviews:


Mary B.
I am recovering from a difficult and painfully debilitating knee surgery. This is the first massage I’ve had after my 8 week rehab and my body is very very happy now. Dave is so knowledgeable and a true healer. What a gift to get to work with him.

Christie S.
Abigail was wonderful and really gave her all to every part of the massage. I fell asleep during the massage at one part.

Brian L.
Massage by Greg Hall was one of the top ten for me. He listened to what I wanted and went above and beyond. He checked in a couple times to be sure the pressure was right for me. He even recommended a stretch to help with tension on my neck/back.


Kristin F.
Very impressed! I have only had one other massage and it was with a woman at another massage place and it wasn’t very good. I was told by massage therapist friends that I might prefer a male MT and they were absolutely right. Everyone at Bodywork Bistro was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Brandon Love. The massage was very customized and he is excellent at what he does. I am pretty ticklish on my back and he tried different techniques to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. He is both nice to talk to and respectful if you want to just listen to the music. I will absolutely be back.

Bodywork Bistro Downtown – Yelp Reviews:


Ann D.
I recently had an appointment for 90 minute deep tissue massage with Roxanne — which was without a doubt, one of the most therapeutic, relaxing and professional massages I’ve ever received. Roxanne is very talented and provided an amazing amount of relief in my neck, shoulders and upper body.

I highly recommend Roxanne if you’re seeking a talented therapist that provides therapeutic treatment, thorough anatomical knowledge and advanced techniques and pressure. She also provided me with resources to help with my areas of tension. Again, I highly recommend an appointment with her – I will be back as I continue to work through my neck, chest and shoulder tension.

I also appreciate bodywork Bistro’s flexible scheduling, online schedule tool is very helpful and their staff is accommodating.

Michelle G.
I had an amazing deep tissue massage by Anna, and it was amazing! I went in with an extremely sore shoulder and left feeling like a new person. It was a warm, inviting spa…and I can’t wait to go back again!

Amy S.

Wow!  We were on our way to Estes and stopped through Boulder to waste some time before we could check in at our cabin. I found this place through Yelp and decided to see if they happened to have any immediate openings, which they did!  They happened to have two therapists that could do 45 min sessions on my BF and I. They were reasonably priced. The service from the phone to checking in and the actual massage were all fantastic. Afterward, one of the therapists gave us some recommendations on things to do in Boulder, which we really appreciated because we had to spend another hour there.

If I’m in Boulder and looking for a massage again, I’ll most definitely call this place again. They were awesome!

Melissa I.

Treated myself to a massage this evening:). It was amazing, but my therapist did not work on my butt??? That is my favorite part!    I may need to find another massage and request extra gluteal attention as my booty is now feeling left out.  Overall excellent massage, I could have spoke up and asked for more gluteal work but I was in bliss and and floating away….zzzzz.

Bodywork Bistro Whole Foods – Yelp Reviews:

Sasha B.

How much more convenient can a chair massage in Boulder’s best grocery store be?

With the recent renovations the massage station (2 chairs with 2 massage therapists) has moved from the floral department (south west side of the store) to the south east side of the store (behind the far express bank of cash registers).

Yesterday I finally indulged myself in a 20 minute massage with David Weil. Having purchased my massage voucher at the cash register earlier in the day (you must purchase a voucher as payment will not be accepted by the massage therapists) I was able to immediately go for my massage after my long work shift.

I had previously wondered if the busy grocery store was conducive to a massage but now I can proclaim it indeed is. Though located near one of the entrances I honestly did not notice the foot traffic or people noises (kind of like doing work at a coffee shop – everything kind of blends together).

My massage was amazing. David closely listened to what brought me to his chair and was extremely intuitive regarding what stretches and pressures my body needed to relieve my aches and pains. I can honestly say when I got up after my massage it felt very much like after I’d had a 60 minute massage. My body felt great, at ease, and ready for relaxation. I also experienced a lot of clarity and calm mentally – lovely.

Definitely recommend visiting this ‘relaxation station’ on your next visit to Whole Foods.

Note: Massages are 1st come first served.


Bodywork Bistro
Living Arts Center
3825 Iris Ave. Suite 300
Boulder, CO, 80301





Bodywork Bistro
1100 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO, 80302







Bodywork Bistro
Whole Foods
2905 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80301







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