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Bodywork Bistro Grand Opening

Our business is expanding, and we want you to know!


Boulder, Colorado: Bodywork Bistro is excited and proud to announce the great news!  Our massage haven is growing and we are increasing space above our current downtown location on Spruce Street to serve you better.  We are more than doubling our space for private sessions and open studio table and mat bodywork. Also, we will be adding a much needed bathroom in the first floor lobby. We are celebrating our ten year anniversary in a big way!

We appreciate your loyalty and business throughout these past years, especially to those who remember when we had only an 800 square foot storefront with 3 massage chairs and 2 open studio table areas.  Shortly after we opened, it became obvious that our clients were looking for more of a traditional massage setting featuring private session rooms.

It’s been an honor and privilege to personally get to know each and every client who walks through our door, with our main focus of providing healing touch to soothe and quell our increasingly stress-filled lives. We believe that your patience with the shortcomings of our downtown location will be rewarded when you see what we have done.

This new addition will offer space to accommodate couples massages and small massage “parties”, which will be ideal for corporate events, sorority sister get togethers, bridal parties, or visiting friends who want to have a true “Boulder Experience.” This location will be open for small workshops, trainings, as well as: documentary, educational, and fun films for all to join in and enjoy. We are offering this space as a resource – to bring not only bodyworkers and healers together but the community at large. Our intention is to relax and revive in a comfortable atmosphere, creating closer company and cultivating new connections!

With its multiple locations around Boulder, the Bodywork Bistro is a consistently convenient space to decompress from the pressures of the average workday. But access isn’t the only appeal to this unique trio of clinics. Bodywork Bistro offers an attention to detail and a clinical experience, a degree of professionalism that’s common to every one of its [bodyworkers]. They all share a common purpose: to create a purifying, healing and nourishing environment.” – Colorado Daily for CU & Boulder’s Best of 2018.

“Just as our body needs nourishing food, it also requires nourishing touch to thrive and release negative stress and emotions. As our time is spent more and more on computers we need to make sure we’re getting enough essential touch in our lives.  The massage and bodywork we provide is the antidote for what is missing in our culture. We offer therapeutic touch for a high-tech world.” – CoFounder and General Manager, Dave Goetz.

This new location will open two new private rooms around mid-August, 2018 and be entirely open during September.  We look forward to seeing you here, and excited to share and celebrate with you, in our upcoming expansion! More news to follow . . .