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Have you ever noticed that most products in a conventional pharmacy focus on treating an illness, rather than preventing that illness in the first place?

What if our health care was focused on taking initiative to care for and maintain our good health, rather than trying to fight off a dark shadow of illness already hanging over us?

If this question resonates with you, then tonic herbalism may be part of your answer.

Tonic herbs are herbal remedies that are taken regularly for an extended period of time, and are intended to improve your wellness by creating a synergy within body systems that fosters immunity.

Tonic herbs are often combined in formulas intended to tone and strengthen particular bodily systems. Ashwaganda, Astragalus, and Reishi are a few examples of the many herbal extracts widely used in tonic herbalism.

So why should you incorporate tonic herbalism into your daily routine? Here are five reasons it will make all the difference for you.

1 | Tonic Herbs Are Your Ally In Improving Your Health

When taking tonic herbs of high quality, they can become an ally for for your body, providing protection and prevention against illness while improving your wellness.

It’s important not to pick and choose herbal ingredients and then search for the cheapest option on Amazon or in a big-box store. You’ve heard the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” and that is certainly true with herbal tonics, which should always be tested to ensure they are of the highest potency with quality ingredients.

At Bodywork Bistro, we choose to only carry high quality tonics formulated by Dragon Herbs, who begins their formulation process at the very source of the ingredients, controlling the supply chain from earth to factory to bottle to you.

In fact, many of the Dragon Herb formulas are produced using their proprietary FITT™ (Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™) technique, which uses the original phyto-chemical profile of a plant (the plant’s fingerprint) and transfers it almost identically into the final extract, preserving the original aroma, color and taste of the plant.

2 | Tonic Herbs Build a Foundation Of Health That Fosters Long-Term Wellness

The age-old practice of tonic herbalism strengthens the bodily systems as part of a preventative health routine. Rather than waiting to fight off sickness until after it strikes, tonics attempt to bring the body into a synergistic harmony which avoids illness in the first place.

The focus of tonic herbalism, and Chinese tonic herbalism in particular, is the promotion of health and vitality, rather than simply the elimination of disease. Even more encouraging for those taking tonic herbs for the long haul, research shows the anti-aging power of this superior class of herbs.

3 | Tonic Herbs Take Your “Daily Supplement” Routine To the Next Level

Tonic herbs are herbs that are intended to be taken regularly over a long period of time—usually daily—in order to tone and strengthen the body’s systems and vital processes. Rather than just “herbs for the immune system,” we can think of tonic herbal formulas as being actual immunity builders when taken consistently.

Unlike individual herbal supplements, tonic herbs fall into a class of herbs within Chinese medicine known as “superior herbs,” which are the most important herbs of all in the complex  Chinese preventive wellness system.

In other words, tonic formulas are developed to take you to a whole different level of vitality, wellness, energy, and vigor. These tonics take you way beyond the basic supplements you’ve been taking and move you into a new level of health.

4 | Meant To Be Used Daily, Tonic Herbs Are Gentle, Safe, and Nourishing

Similar to acupuncture, the combinations of herbs in tonic formulas are designed to move the body to a state of balance among the systems.

Yet even though the goal is to influence the body and improve the synergy of its parts, tonic herbs do so very gently over an extended period of time. This is not a forceful, intrusive change with negative impacts to the body’s systems.

The rule of “first, do no harm,” couldn’t be more true than in the use of tonic herbs. Meant to be used over your lifetime, they are very safe.

5 | Tonic Herbalism Is a Natural Counterpart to a Qigong or Meditation Practice

Just as qigong cultivates a superior level of wellness by harmonizing the body, mind and spirit, tonic herbalism also creates a synergy throughout the body, making it a great complement to your movement or meditative practice.

Both qigong and tonic herbalism also develop the three treasures of Chinese Medicine: Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit), encouraging total harmony with oneself and the environment around you.

The effects of tonic herbs are similar to the gradual influence of movement practices such as yoga or qigong, in that they have a cumulative effect based on consistent practice, and they nourish life within the body over time.

Closing Thoughts

Once you incorporate tonic herbalism into your daily wellness routine, we know you’ll notice the difference! If you want to improve your wellness with tonic herbalism, head over to our online shop now to find out which tonic herbs are right for your unique wellness journey.