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How would you like to feel energized and excited to go to work every morning?

Getting up and going to work each day is a fact of life for most of us.

But if going to work is something you (or your employees) often dread, it might be time to look at workplace wellness activities that are a little more exciting than a “walking buddy” system or a free fruit platter on Friday mornings.

If you’re looking for a morale boost or a way to improve your focus at work, massage is a proven tool to do just that.

On-site chair massage for employees, or encouraging a regular visit to the studio for a table massage, is a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to get your employees excited about coming to work.

Pro tip: If you want to encourage your boss to bring in on-site massage to your office, after reading this article forward it to your boss as a gentle hint.

Let’s take a look at seven ways that you can squeeze more productivity out of your day when you get a regular massage.

1 | Massage Boosts Mental Clarity and Focus

Massage helps to clear the mental cobwebs and provide more clarity. In one study of adults receiving 15-minute chair massages over the course of 5 weeks, they showed much better computational math ability and alertness after receiving regular massage. And who doesn’t want to feel more alert without needing a third cup of coffee at 2pm to get through the rest of your day?

2 | Massage Reduces Stress, Which Can Lead to Burnout

Even the lighter touch of swedish massage acts on a deep level that can reduce the amount of stress hormones released in our bodies. Studies show that regular massage can reduce stress for days afterward with as little as a 15-minute session. Whether the massage is on-site during work hours or outside of work, both types of massage can have a positive impact on your stress levels.

3 | Massage Sparks Creative Ideas

Have you ever experienced an “a-ha!” moment and wished that you could duplicate that flow of creative thought? By bringing mental clarity, massage can unlock deep-seated thoughts and allow creative energy to flow. Everyone wants employees who are on top of their game, and having the creative bandwidth to brainstorm ideas is an essential element of a productive workforce.

4 | Massage Helps You Sleep Better

A groggy morning does not a happy worker make, and getting better sleep is one of the best ways to get your workday started off right. Regular massage improves both the quality and length of your sleep, according to research. Rather than writing “get to bed by 10pm” on your to-do list, when you get a massage you’re naturally more relaxed and ready to hit the sack at a reasonable time.

5 | Massage Lowers Your Blood Pressure

While you might already know that massage is proven to reduce blood pressure, you might not understand how lowering your blood pressure can improve your daily quality of life. Lower blood pressure can help ease the effects of daily stress, letting tension wash over you without having such a strong effect on your well-being. Even better, lowered blood pressure has an incredible affect on your long-term health, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke considerably.

6 | Massage Alleviates Repetitive Stress Symptoms Like Carpal Tunnel

On-the-job injuries are often caused by repeatedly using the same postures and performing the same movements on a regular basis. Typing at the computer, digging a trench, or even riding in a car for long hours can all lead to dysfunction in the body if they continue long enough without postural adjustments, stretching, and regular movement. Massage has been proven effective in not only treating, but also preventing more serious repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

7 | Massage Relieves Muscle Tension And Headaches

We all deal with aches and pains from time to time, but when the tension brings you to the point of calling in sick to work or needing to ice for an hour as soon as you get home, you know it’s gone too far. Massage can reduce muscle tension through the body, but can also particularly decrease tension headaches. If you’ve ever had a case of “tech neck” from staring at a computer screen or looking down at your phone all day long, postural adjustments are also important, but getting a massage to nip your headache in the bud is a perfect place to start.

Now that you know all the reasons why massage can increase workplace productivity, give us a call (303-440-1992) or get a quote online for on-site massage at your office today!

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