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reishiAs we move into the summer season and the work hard, play hard vibration that this time of year generally brings into our lives, it is a good idea to add daily herbal support to assist the body in cultivating and maintaining health and vitality.

Reishi is an excellent choice. Some say that reishi mushrooms benefit the immune system more than any other known herbal supplement.

Reishi has been used since ancient times in Asia where it is revered as a popular herb to consume for radiant health, longevity and a centered state of mind.

The name “Reishi” literally mean “Supernatural Fungus.” It is a woody mushroom that grows in the wild on logs.

When it is taken regularly, Reishi miraculously helps to improve the functioning of our whole body system and enables all organs to function normally.

Continuous consumption of Reishi is safe and non-toxic. It is an adaptogen (decreases stress), an immune modulator (regulates and fine tunes the immune system), and a general tonic for radiant health.

Additional Benefits of Daily Use:

  • Liver detox and regeneratation
  • Calms and balances mood
  • Decreases allergies
  • Anti-Cancer properties
  • Increases blood flow
  • Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

Try it out this summer and let us know how it works for you!

In radiant health,
The Bodywork Bistro family

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