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As we welcome the month of May the sun continues to warm the earth and the growth of nature abounds.

This springtime surge of growth and energy is reflective of the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Balancing the wood element in our bodies and lives is a key to health at this time of year.

The wood element governs the liver and gallbladder. The liver is the body’s detoxifier, and that is why cleansing is such a good idea in Spring. When the liver gets backed up we can feel frustration and anger. Physically we may experience more allergies. We might find ourselves trying to over-control everything in our lives.

When we notice ourselves pushing too hard in life, we have a clue that our wood element is out of balance.

Here are a few tips to balance the wood element and experience greater health at this time of year:

  • Move your body. Yoga, qigong or any other form of stretching helps the body to release toxins, tension and emotional stress.
  • Get outside and breath deeply. Fresh air helps to circulate Qi and supports old energy to release and new energy to take its place.
  • Eat lots of greens. Green is the color of the wood element and is abundant in nature right now. Fresh, leafy greens help to detox the liver and give us vital nutrients.
  • Balance work and play with deep rest and plenty of massage.

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