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radishesWe have arrived in the season of rebirth and renewal. Birds are singing and flowers are bursting up through the earth.

Auyervedic wisdom tells us that cleansing in the springtime helps us to shed the stagnation and heaviness that we may have accumulated during the hibernation of the winter months. When we cleanse in the Spring we reduce our likelihood of colds, flus and seasonal allergies that come with the change of the seasons.

When we look to nature, we see wild animals munching on the sprouts of spring greens popping up everywhere. These fresh greens cleanse the liver and lymphatic system from toxic build up, and refresh the digestive system.

For greater health, align with nature and treat yourself to a spring cleanse!

Here are our favorite tips to get you started:

  1. Drink vegetable juices and eat more raw veggies (juicing yourself is best…be sure to add lots of greens).
  2. Reduce hard to digest foods that increase inflammation (meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, processed foods).
  3. Drink lots of water (avoid sodas, caffeine, alcohol, & fruit juice)
  4. Add in a healthy dose of detoxifying super foods and herbs (wild spring greens, radishes, water with lemon, milk thistle, garlic, turmeric, ginger).
  5. Get outside, move and breathe (anything that brings you joy).
  6. Release toxins with massage (lymphatic massage is wonderful).

Have a wonderful Spring!

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