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earth-handsToday we are going to share with you the ancient secret of earth energy.
Our nice First World homes, cars and offices keep us insulated from the elements and creatures of the wild, but did you know that they also keep us insulated from the electrical energy of the earth itself?
Furthermore, did you know that this separation is harmful to us?

The earth emits a natural, low-frequency electro-magnetic current of energy at all times. This energy is made up of negatively charged electrons. Research has shown that these negatively charged electrons have antioxidant properties that fight positively charged free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body.

WOW. That is extremely significant when we consider that inflammatory diseases such as heart disease and cancer are the top causes of death in the USA. In fact, a state of inflammation is the cause of most dis-ease in the body.

 It is only recently that materials such as rubber soles, asphalt, wood, and plastics have separated us from direct contact with the energy of the earth. And this separation is depriving us from the earth’s natural immune-boosting power. It is time to reconnect!

Interestingly enough, studies have also shown that healers such as reiki and qigong masters actually emit the same low-frequency EMFs as the earth. In our natural state, we are of the same electrical vibration as the earth, and can transmit this healing energy though our hands.

3 Ways to Connect to Earth Energy

  1. Spend as much time as possible barefoot outside.
  2. Buy an Earthing product for indoor use (especially helpful in the winter). Products include sheets for your bed and mats for your feet while sitting at your desk (
  3. Receive healing touch with one of our therapists.