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Feeling the ferocity of the summer heat? Cucumbers are in abundance at the farmer’s market and provide a plethora of health benefits including stellar hydration and relief from the heat.

Made of 95% water, and with enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish many essential nutrients, cucumbers are a wonderful way to combat dehydration. Eat a few slices for a quick pick me up any time of the day. Some cucumber before bed after a couple of alcoholic drinks will help you to wake up refreshed.

Been out in the summer sun too long? Use cucumber skins on sun burns and skin irritations for an aloe-like affect. Place slices over your eyes to relieve puffiness.


This super fruit has so much to offer a health conscious lifestyle. But please remember to buy organic because conventional cucumbers can be heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Cooling Cucumber Water

Try out this simple and refreshing beverage to reap the benefits of cucumbers on a hot day.

RECIPE: Thinly slice half a cucumber, place in a pitcher of water and stir. Feel free to get creative and add fresh mint leaves or a squeeze of fresh citrus, or enjoy as is.