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We had a solid turnout of 7 people on our first Documentary Night of 2013!

We watched Genetic Roulette, which is a clearly written & scientifically backed study on GMOs – genetically modified organisms – and their various effects. The science behind GMOs & their possible effects is well presented, and supplemented with authentic testimonials from livestock farmers worldwide who have used GMO crops as feed.

Some facts that stood out:

1. B2, a substance now “modified” into GMO corn for pest control, may be the major causal factor in our American society’s recent epidemic of digestion-related diseases. How it works: the B2 molecule is woven into the genetics of the corn, the corn grows, and when insect pests arrive to feed on the GMO corn, the B2 causes those insects’ stomachs & intestines to literally EXPLODE! This kills the bug, and protects the corn crop. Recent studies have shown that this is also a possible side effect in humans: damage to the gut. Another interesting fact: GMOs were introduced to the market in 1996. Studies tracking childhood food allergies, autism & other digestion-related disorders show a SPIKE in these numbers directly after the year, 1996…

2. Farmers who had previously been feeding their livestock (pigs, cattle, sheep) a GMO alfalfa, soy or corn diet, saw an IMMEDIATE SWITCH in their herds’ health when they began using non-GMO feed. The animals went from diseased, agitated and weak, to recovering, calmer & healthy…. within a few weeks.

3. The European Union banned GMOs in 1999 — just THREE YEARS after they went on the market.  Seventeen years later, Americans are still undereducated about GMOs, and are suffering GREATLY, in large numbers and in life-altering ways, for these probable GMO side effects.

Seeing that GMOs’ adverse side effects are well documented –  almost proven –  it is sad to recognize the ongoing cultural damage we incur. So many families in the video saw great improvement in their children’s well being when they switched off of GMO food.

What is the TRUE cost of this? A few dollars more at the grocery store, a few dollars less at the doctor?

It seems simple —

Our tasks are:

  • to vote w/ our dollar
  • continue to educate each other
  • and to cultivate an enjoyment for the beauty of our Earth’s given abundance, and pass this appreciation on to others!!