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*Seasons Greetings* everyone!

Our Family-to-Family program for this season was a great success. Through our team efforts over the course of the last month, we raised $432.32 for the people we sponsored.  Thank you to everyone who has helped enable us to sponsor 6 people and get them wonderful gifts.  See pictures below.

For Xander, the 4 year old boy that is being raised by his grandmother, and who likes superheroes, we got:

  • Spiderman and Avengers T-shirts
  • a pair of jeans and sweatpants
  • a Spiderman action figure
  • a sweet toy that straps around your wrist and shoots little nerd bullets (as if it’s Spiderman’s webbing coming out of your wrist!)  So fun!

Then there was a family of three: Susan, a grandmother, who is raising her two grandchildren, Antonette, 17 years old, and Antonio, 17 months old.
Susan and Antonette wanted gift cards so we happily obliged (fewer errands and less gift wrapping!)

For Antonio, we got:

  • Baby PJs and socks (so tiny and cute!)
  • Little baby boots (faux leather with fur lining…mmmmm! cozy!)
  • an awesome bilingual (English/Spanish) toy that counts and says shapes and colors

We also sponsored a two-person family: a single mother, Ashley, 24 years old, and her 2-year old daughter, Ava.
Ashley wanted a Broncos Queen bed set and bathroom towels.  We got her Broncos-colored towels, and as bed sets are rather expensive, didn’t have enough to purchase a bed set for her but got her a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond to put towards a bed set.

Little Ava likes Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty.  So we got her:

  • sweet Dora the Explorer tennis shoes that are Converse style with the rubber toe.  They had glitter on the sides and pics of Dora!  So cute, it made me wish they were available in my size!
  • Hello Kitty beanie and glove set
  • Hello Kitty shirt and matching pink tights
  • Dora the Explorer art kit (to foster that creative spirit)

So, again, thank you one and all for helping make this campaign a success.  At the beginning of the year, we will start raising money for The Wellness Initiative, bringing yoga education to kids in schools, and we will continue this campaign for the first quarter of 2013…our goal is to raise $500 for them!

May this holiday season bless you with love and a feeling of togetherness,