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Our support drive for Boulder County’s Family-to-Family Holiday Program is in full swing.  We are sponsoring a family for the 4th year, and our goal is to raise $500 for gifts for our family in need.

The Family-to-Family Holiday Program serves high-needs, low-income clients of the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services during the holiday season. With the money we raise, we buy items from our family’s “wish list” – such as winter coats, warm pants, gloves and hats, and gift wrap them so that the family can experience the curiosity and excitement of opening unknown packages for the holidays.

Jessica Van Antwerp is leading the gift drive, and she shares her inspiration for the cause:

“I got into doing this because of a punishment my grandmother inflicted on my brother, cousins, and I when I was about 11.  One year for Christmas, we were not psyched about the gifts that we got (me: a Grandma-made dress with ruffles and lace…not really my style).  We exhibited such a lack of gratitude and my Grandma was so hurt and angry that she said we weren’t getting presents the next year.  True to her word, the next year, not only did we not get gifts, she took us out to spend the money, that she otherwise would have spent on us, on underprivileged children.  This was supposed to be our punishment.  But we had SO much fun playing with toys in the aisles and imagining how excited these kids were going to be when they opened these gifts, it turned out not to be a punishment at all, but rather a lesson that has stuck with me for almost 20 years: the joy of giving.”

The family we are sponsoring:

Xander is a 4-year-old boy who loves Superheroes!  He needs clothes this winter and wants toys (what child doesn’t?)

Susan is a 60-year-old woman taking care of her two grandchildren.  She wants gift cards to Sears and WalMart or Target.

Antonette is her 17-year-old granddaughter, who wants gift cards to Sally Beauty Supply (gotta look good, right?!?) and Target or WalMart.

Antonio is her 17-month-old great-grandson, for whom his geart-grandma would like to get English/Spanish educational toys, a toy phone that makes sounds and lights up, baby shoes, and winter pi’s and socks.

Ashley is a 24-year-old single mother who loves the Broncos and hates the color pink.  She would love a Queen-size bed set, in blue, or a Broncos theme.

Ava is Ashley’s 2-year-old daughter and she loves Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty.  She needs new tennis shoes this year and would like Dora and Hello Kitty toys.

Please help us complete our goal of raising $500! Contact our Front Desk staff to make a donation today: 303-413-1992