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Fri. Aug. 31st, 8:30pm ~ Under the Blue Moon

Melodic beats and haunting vocals drifted out of the studio to waft over a woman costumed as a unicorn flying over a rainbow, serving raw food treats and Ling elixirs at the bar.  Party-goers floated between event attractions, getting faces painted after melting in a massage chair, then going to get their palms read and lay on a Sound Board to be vibrated down to the core of their bones.

A new modality, invented by a friend of the studio, Victor Tilvaro, made its debut at the event: Subtle Body Immersion.  It takes the subject on a journey through their chakras, incorporating all of the senses, smell, sight, sound, and feeling, to get them aligned and activated.

A BioMat, a heated mat that sends UV light through amethyst crystals, provided a grounding and relaxing way to come off the Sound Boards.  Everything was designed to activate the subtler energy bodies, getting people aligned with their higher selves to create a high-vibration container in which to party and send spirits soaring!

And the DJs provided the arena for these subtler energies to express themselves through dance and movement improvisation.  In this festive, costumed environment, we paid homage to Burning Man, occurring under the same Blue Moon, two states away.

Thanks to everyone who made this event such a huge success!  And stay tuned for the next installment…date TBD.

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