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at the Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center
Saturday September 15th
By Lara Barber

As the sun begins to set over the mountain horizon, people gather on meditation cushions, back jacks, and yoga mats. We are preparing for a night of devotion and mantra in the Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center.

The space is calm and relaxed, and the night is perfect for gathering as a community. Mira, Kalika, and Kumara are sitting near the alter ready to pour their hearts and souls into their lyrics and musical celebration.

I have always noticed that singing in a group setting amplifies the energy and vibrations. I can feel the base from the drum and musical instruments permeate my hips and pelvis. As I sing along with the group, I can sense my throat opening and as the vibrations dance between my neck and hips to heal my entire body.

I am not even sure what most of these words mean (or even how to pronounce them correctly) but I am feeling more aligned and balanced with each of the sweet hymns. I left the evening uplifted, connected, and calm and this energy carried through the rest of my weekend.

Kirtan with the Puspams is something I will look forward to doing again and again!

Chanting (Kirtan) is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga.” -Krishna Das

The Pushpams (sanskrit for flowers) are a fresh Boulder based band bloomin’ and groovin’ with shakti infused yoga and chant music ( kirtan ). Formed just over a year ago by Mira Gale (a founding member of Shiva’s Garden), Kalika Fortin, and Kumara Etzel, their performances are an innovative fusion of beautifully arranged sanskrit chants and folksy original songs. Their music speaks to and from the heart and draws listeners in. Though the band is new, the band members are seasoned yogis and veteran musicians who bring depth both spiritually and musically to their collaboration, which to them is nothing but an offering to Spirit. Each member of the band spent years at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat immersed in the daily practices of seva (service), yoga, meditation, and chanting. Pushpam is a Sanskrit word which refers to a ceremonial offering of flowers. The Pushpams perform regularly in the Boulder / Denver area and are currently working on their first CD.