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Do you like chocolate as much as we do?

Raw, organic cacao is the source of our beloved chocolate, and is the healthiest way to ingest this tasty superfood. The picture to the right shows what cacao looks like, right from the pod!

Raw cacao is very bitter, but with a little of your own natural sweetener you will have a nutritious and tasty treat.

What’s so great about cacao?
Cacao is rich in iron and potassium. It improves circulation and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Cacao has more anti-oxidants than açaí. In fact, it has more antioxidant flavonoids than any food tested so far!

Raw cacao nibs or powder is definitely the best way to eat chocolate, and you can add them to smoothies, protein shakes, desserts, and anything else.  Or grab some cacao in one hand and some goji berries (potent little superfood) in the other, combine in your mouth and enjoy for a quick and easy treat.

We sell only the very best organic raw cacao and other superfoods at the Bodywork Bistro.  Come on down to pick some up and give your health a boost!