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Did you know that this pure green algae is scientifically proven to flush toxins out of the body?   Its cleansing action works on the bowel and other channels of elimination, carrying those unwanted toxins up and out of your cells and tissues.

Widely considered to be one of the most powerful superfoods known to man, chlorella’s list of benefits goes on and on.  I will only mention a few here…

…relives pain, reduces hypertension, enhances the immune system, chelates heavy metals, purifies the blood…

The extensive research on this potent superfood assures its safety and effectiveness.  So pop your chlorella capsules and rest assured that those environmental toxins you can’t help but absorb living in our modern society are on their way out of your body!

The Bodywork Bistro carries only the highest quality chlorella, and quality really matters when it comes to this mighty superfood.

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