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Here at the Bodywork Bistro we love super foods, especially simple and potent seeds such as the chia. Yes, it is the same chia from the “cha cha cha chia pet, the pottery that grows,” and eating it turns out to be the best kept secret of all.

Containing over 27 key nutrients, chia seeds have six times more calcium than milk, 100% more Omega-3 nutrients than salmon, and 41% of your overall daily fiber needs.  The vast benefits of chia seeds include increased energy levels, improved digestion, and better complexion.  They can also tone your muscles, boost your mental sharpness, allow you to sleep better at night, and much more. You can eat them in a variety of ways.  Add to juice, smoothies, salads, or try delicious chia pudding.

Chia Pudding

To make this nourishing pudding, combine 2/3 cup chia seeds, 2 cups almond milk and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla in a 1-quart glass jar or bowl. Shake or stir well to thoroughly combine and refrigerate the mixture overnight. When ready to serve, stir well and top with fruit and coconut.

Chia in Water

My favorite way to consume chia is to simply add a teaspoon to my water bottle.  They puff up and greatly increase the hydrating effect of your water, and don’t change the flavor of the water at all.  Come on down to the Bistro and pick up a bag of super high quality chia seeds, and experience the magical seed for yourself.