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Your shiatsu massage at Bodywork Bistro begins when you walk in the door to our warm and cozy massage studio in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  Your shiatsu massage therapist greets you and offers you a cup of tea or glass of water, and brings you to the room where you will experience the magic touch of shiatsu massage.

Fully clothed, you lie down on the comfortable mat on the floor and allow yourself to begin to relax.  Your shiatsu massage therapist begins to apply pressure with her fingers, thumbs and the palms of her hands, focusing on specific acupressure points and meridians in your body.

Just like we have a blood circulation system, our bodies also have a bio-energy-circulation system. This bio-energy, also known as qi, flows along 12 primary meridians, or channels, in the body. These channels run symmetrically on each side of the body.  And each pair of meridians are related to a specific organ system.  Shiatsu is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and these organ systems are defined according to TCM, and do not necessarily have the same functions as in Western Medicine.

You may find that some places on your body feel very tender and painful when your shiatsu massage therapist applies pressure there.  This can indicate that there are blockages in the energy flow in the point or meridian that she is working on.  The best thing to do is to breath deeply into the sensations with long, steady breaths, and stay as present as possible.  By staying present with the sensations you will receive the shiatsu massage deeper into your body and more energy can be freed up.

Shiatsu massage stimulates and increases the body’s innate healing response by allowing all of the energy channels in the body to flow unobstructed.  When our bio-energy is flowing with ease and vitality, then the body will naturally heal itself of any imbalances.

You will find yourself completely relaxed at the end of your shiatsu massage session.  Notice the difference in the state of your physical body, as well as the shift in your mental state.  Relish in the freed energy flows in your being, and watch the effects ripple out into all areas of your life.

Book yourself a shiatsu massage at the Bodywork Bistro and experience the healing power of shiatsu!